Another poisonous creature in Arizona is the gila monster. The gila monster injects venom with a chewing motion. It has eight venom glands in the bottom of its mouth. The venom flows across the teeth with the chewing motions. The venom will attack the nervous system, and can cause pain, swelling and possibly low blood pressure. But it is mostly a local reaction. Treatment for a gila monster bite is similar to a pit viper snake bite.


There are certain times of the year to be extra careful. In March and April, the snakes are becoming active and seeking warm sun. Snakes are born toward the end of July. They can bite with venom from birth. During the hot summer months, snakes are more active at night. Don't put your hands where you can't see. Walk around snakes. Don't challenge them or try to move them. If you need help moving one off your property, call the Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center at 582-9806 or the Arizona Fish and Game Department at 942-3000.


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